Squash /  Full series - Serving basics with Shaun Moxham Featuring Interactive Squash

  • L

    Lestiennne , 00:11, Thursday 26th December 2019

    hello i am french so sorry for my english
    it is very intersting thank you very much
    please can you give me measures for the differents targets in relation to the height on the front wall and laterality to the T position
    for a left handed?

    for a punch serve from the left box and right box? right hand serve
    for a lob serve from the right box and left box? right hand serve
    for a body serve from the left box? right hand serve
    for a lob serve from the left box ? back hand serve
    thank you very much for your answer

  • DH

    Dipak Hirani, 16:02, Thursday 12th December 2019

    That was a great series Shaun. Would you give the same guidance to juniors or have slightly different hitting areas sue to their height/power?.

  • DS

    DAVIDE SABATINI, 19:07, Friday 22nd November 2019

    thy , very useful, the importance of serve in the squash is always understimated

  • CV

    Carles Venedors, 02:09, Wednesday 20th November 2019

    This is gold. Thanks Shaun! We went through this at practice today at SM. -Charlie

  • GG

    Garrett Gillespie, 23:35, Tuesday 19th November 2019

    This helped me form a strategy for serving

  • MC

    Malcolm Cameron, 15:47, Monday 11th November 2019

    Great use of interactive squash’s imaging of where the ball hits the front wall depending on what type of serve.