Squash /  Podcast - Episode 1 - Jesse Engelbrecht and Paul Carter

  • PB

    Peter Bond, 23:48, Thursday 30th April 2020

    Good to hear the thoughts and ideas from all of you, and will be a great help to keep us all keen and enthusiastic during this off-court time. My one issue is that none of you mentioned any of the top women players when you were picking out examples of shots/movement etc. They are inspirational too, and we as coaches must bring their skills to the players we coach whether they are male or female. Next podcast maybe?

  • RC

    Ray Chessum, 15:27, Saturday 25th April 2020

    Great listen. Always good to hear pro coaches give tips and advice. Especially Paul Carter, I’ve had the pleasure of being on court with Paul a couple of times and he is my inspiration to be a better coach and not just go through to motions.
    Cheers guys, keep it going.

  • GD

    Giselle Delgado, 22:01, Wednesday 22nd April 2020

    Really enjoyed that chat. It made me reflect on my own coaching style and coaching sessions as well as my own experience learning the sport. would be interesting to see some sort of poll with the top players. Wonder if many of them experienced that multi-sport background in their early years.

    • JB

      J Binns, 08:24, Thursday 23rd April 2020

      Great stuff Giselle, glad to hear it. It should be an exciting series ahead.