Squash /  Full series - Pete on Ramy

  • MR

    Michael F Riley, 12:23, Saturday 21st September 2019

    Peter, what a great series.

  • HS

    Hossam Sharaf, 06:34, Friday 26th July 2019

    Please bring Ramy on Squashskills

  • FJ

    Fabian Jacobssob, 20:40, Thursday 18th July 2019

    Fantastic to see and hear, a comment on his drop technique. Undoubtedly he has one of the most fantastic hands in the game but I believe that one of the basis in his drop is that he actually keeps a slight moving body through the shot, as mentioned earlier, and therefore can shorten and silencing his swing,

  • LH

    Lee Healy, 12:41, Wednesday 17th July 2019

    Thanks - v. enjoyable and insightful. Not that there are many who could follow almost any of his techniques! :)

  • AM

    Arnaud Malan, 11:48, Wednesday 17th July 2019

    Very good video! This has given me a clearer insight to what the Ramy hype is about. :-)

  • JQ

    Junaid Qamar, 11:41, Wednesday 17th July 2019

    Great in depth analysis of Ramy's game, thanks for organising the series!

  • GP

    George Peppard, 00:24, Wednesday 17th July 2019

    A wonderful look at what made Ramy special and unique. Thank you.