Squash /  Origins - Ghosting with Jonah Barrington

  • RW

    Rose Wallace, 07:31, Saturday 21st March 2020

    Thank you Jonah we made use of your ghosting methods in Junior coaching many years ago.

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 13:03, Friday 6th March 2020

    Never occured to me to ghost on you weaker hand! Great video

  • LR

    Laurence Rundell, 12:00, Monday 30th December 2019

    Love it

  • HD

    Henri de By, 15:54, Saturday 28th December 2019

    Brilliant, incredibly interesting, informative, and at times terrifically funny. Thanks.

  • JK

    Jehangir Kadan, 11:36, Saturday 28th December 2019


  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 23:55, Friday 27th December 2019

    Fantastic stuff guys!!! Congrats!!! It's amazing to hear from Jonah and Joe and their sense of humor is sensacional as well! Lots of tips and insights! Very useful for training! But, it seems that there is a ghost in their voices, have you noticed? It can sound like a metaphor, but maybe there is something to improve in the audio technical aspect. Great work guys! Thank you very much!!! All the best!

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 21:37, Tuesday 24th December 2019

    Incredible video! Bread and butter of the game, boxers constantly shadow box. I boxed for years, it was part of every session. It makes complete sense. Thx Jonah!

  • PM

    Paul Main, 09:41, Tuesday 24th December 2019

    one word - phenomenal!

  • MS

    Mark Sealy, 01:56, Tuesday 24th December 2019

    Brilliant, incredibly interesting...it would great to hear a bit more on benefits of say 2 min, 1 Min, 20 sec Ghosting with varying recoveries in terms of training blocks leading up to a tournament

    • JB

      J Binns, 10:14, Tuesday 24th December 2019

      All will be revealed over the next couple of weeks when Joey puts Creedy through his paces on court.

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 15:01, Monday 23rd December 2019

    Thanks for this, father and son. Informative, enlightening and entertaining.

  • S

    Stephen , 09:46, Monday 23rd December 2019

    Loved this 👍 especially the banter between father and son. Ghosting has added another dimension to my game in the last 6 months. I used to think it was pointless, I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Brilliant stuff Jonah & Joey. Can’t wait till the one on the lob !!

  • BJ

    Ben Jones, 02:03, Monday 23rd December 2019

    Great stuff. Can’t wait for the next “next chapter.”