Squash /  Using the split step to move forward

  • JR

    James Roberts, 08:58, Friday 10th June 2016

    That is great Jethro. I have already started by practising the movement prior to my matches plus seeing if I can incorporate it from time to time, especially after the main match when there is nothing at stake. It does feel good when you get it right I must admit! Need to hold onto that feeling more ... Will keep on practising and ghosting until it becomes more natural. I look forward to the further videos next week.

  • TP

    Thirtha Prasad, 08:23, Friday 10th June 2016

    i am in trial period membership. Why am I not seeing the play option

  • , 07:19, Friday 10th June 2016

    Initially it's a case of getting the movements working correctly and understanding what it feels like when you get it right. Then its a case of practice and repetition so that it soaks into your muscle memory, then it's about ghosting and practice to the point where you don't have to think about it. Finally it should then naturally appear in your game play. Next week I'll be explaining some drills that help you integrate the split step and the back foot drag into your movement as part of step 1.

  • JR

    James Roberts, 00:34, Friday 10th June 2016

    Thanks Jethro for an excellent explanation of the split step and its rationale. I always knew the pros and better players do this but did not fully appreciate what benefits it brings to movement. My question is how best to make this a natural part of my own movement as I still largely find myself somewhat flat footed in my movement from the T, rather than fluid? Is it purely a case of ghosting, ghosting and more ghosting until it becomes part of your 'movement memory'?

  • , 16:44, Tuesday 7th June 2016

    I'd suggest watching what the top guys do using SquashTV. It should give you a good idea of what size the split step should be.

  • GS

    Gursevak Sharma, 15:26, Tuesday 7th June 2016

    This is interesting... My Coach tells me all the time that my split step to move forward [which looks almost like in this clip] is a bit too much; hence it makes that initial explosive movement slower... he insists that i need to do a smaller more quicker step not take that big of a split.