Squash /  Full playlist - Common amateur faults

  • RH

    Rob Holmes, 20:56, Thursday 30th May 2019

    This is an essential watch! Really enjoyed it.

  • MB

    Matthew Baker, 15:44, Saturday 6th January 2018

    Some great strategies here, very useful

  • GM

    Graeme Mascall, 21:12, Tuesday 28th November 2017


  • JO

    james oriel, 14:18, Thursday 9th November 2017

    Perfect for my level

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 12:50, Sunday 5th November 2017

    Excellent series, aimed exactly at people like me. Some very good tips and good that he reinforced the point about videoing yourself. Essential part of the loop, make adjustments, measure and reassess. Thanks Jesse!

  • DS

    David Steenkist, 08:11, Sunday 22nd October 2017

    Thanks for this series.

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 13:04, Saturday 21st October 2017

    Great session Jesse! Wonderful learning, with great example videos.

  • MV

    mariano varela, 01:22, Saturday 21st October 2017

    excellent ideas. Very helpful

  • OK

    Oliver King, 22:09, Friday 20th October 2017

    Really useful ideas... Gonna learn to chip it now.

  • FP

    Frank Pyka, 12:00, Wednesday 18th October 2017

    Practical advice and so well presented.

  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 00:47, Wednesday 18th October 2017

    excellent playlists! Thank you very much!!!

  • OR

    Owen Rodwell, 19:46, Tuesday 17th October 2017

    Really good set of videos. I think the point he makes about videoing yourself is important too because you will see things in your game that you won't otherwise realize. And just the idea of having a strategy for when you have a lead or deficit is important for clarifying your thoughts. Often when I find myself behind I find myself thinking what do I do now which results in muddled shot selection. Having a plan for these situations will hopefully end that going forward.