Squash /  The effect on movement

  • FS

    Firdaus Shallo, 02:17, Friday 6th January 2017

    I have a problem with quick motion change. My feet get tangled up and I usually fall on court. Is there any video or tips that can help me adjust that?

    • PM

      P Miles, 13:17, Saturday 19th August 2017

      Watch Nick Matthew's videos on movement. Peter has some very good ones he put up just recently. They are excellent. It also sounds like you might have a problem with your core meaning it isn't as strong as it should be. Watch Gary's videos on fitness training. There are hundreds of videos in relation to strength and mobility.

  • EB

    Edward Burlingame, 22:22, Friday 2nd December 2016

    What she does not explain is how a player can determine if he/she should adjust the grip, and how to make the adjustments. That's what we want to know, not all about her relationship with her coach.

    • PN

      P Nicol, 11:27, Monday 5th December 2016

      Hello, please watch the below video to determine whether you need to adjust your grip. Peter