Squash /  In conversation with Bryan Patterson - Group coaching

  • GD

    Giselle Delgado, 20:50, Wednesday 30th October 2019

    Thanks for adding content for coaches and specifically dealing with groups. I would love to hear more about city squash and about starting programs like that in other places to be able to have more courts and clubs that are more kid friendly and more help for the coaches. Thanks for the content!

  • PW

    Peter Wendt, 20:57, Tuesday 29th October 2019

    Very useful presentation. Bryan Patterson commentary and explanations were very good. Jethro's questions, on the other hand, can hardly be heard and are most of the time unintelligible, and I had to figure out what Brian Patterson was answering to. The same situation existed in the presentation, you featured earlier, with Malcolm Willstrop. Please accept my comments not a critique, but as useful feedback to correct a technical problem.

    • SS

      S SquashSkills, 10:04, Thursday 31st October 2019

      Hi Peter, appreciate your feedback, we'll take it on board! ;)

  • JE

    Jesse Engelbrecht, 09:04, Tuesday 29th October 2019

    This is such an amazing piece and I would encourage everyone to watch it. Hearing some golden nuggets from one of the masters of group coaching for kids. Some really powerful stuff in here!