Squash /  Full Film - Do you know who I am? Inside the mind of Malcolm Willstrop

  • WJ

    Wojciech Janusz, 12:58, Friday 17th January 2020

    What does he mean by saying (4:17) 'swing from the hip, not shoulders'?

  • H

    HENDRIK , 14:23, Friday 12th April 2019

    Lovely documentary!

  • IG

    ian graham, 08:56, Saturday 22nd December 2018

    This is a brilliant exposition of how to be a truly great professional coach. Must be wonderful to be coached by him. Needs parading in front of whichever group decide when squash should become an Olympic sport. I'm sure he would tip the balance our way.

  • GS

    Gursevak Sharma, 12:53, Monday 10th December 2018

    This is a delight, Thank you Squash Skills for this... Loved it... Loved it ... Thanks !

  • SO

    Shaun O'donoghue, 17:58, Tuesday 27th November 2018

    Extremely interesting. Been a member at Ponte for many years but haven't been coached by him. Fascinating insight

  • RS

    Rajeev Shah, 23:22, Friday 16th November 2018

    Superb. Really insightful.

  • VN

    Vít Novák, 19:50, Saturday 10th November 2018

    I would love to watch this, but it's very difficult to understand to Malcolm, would it be possible to add subtitles? Just plain english.

    • SL

      S Leszczynski, 07:35, Tuesday 20th November 2018

      Malcolm put some interesting perspective on squash. In my opinion its hard to hear interlocutor of Malcolm as well. Thats good idea, to add sub. It would be nice to add some historical footege (foto, film) in backgroud. For ex. when he speaks about someone.

  • CB

    Chris Beale, 20:44, Tuesday 6th November 2018

    Totally gripping documentary! Brilliant!

  • JL

    JH Lee, 22:41, Wednesday 31st October 2018

    Being a good human is the first and giving and sharing love so others can get the best welfare of all other people... about at 58th minute... The greatest value shown being Coach Willstrop... This is how we all have fun... Admiring individual.

    • DR

      D Reynolds, 10:39, Saturday 1st December 2018

      Exactly! - Malcolm's advice transcends squash and is applicable across the board

  • A

    andystevenson , 09:12, Sunday 21st October 2018

    Truly excellent. Fascinating to listen to a great coach.

  • , 11:09, Tuesday 16th October 2018

    Great work guys.

  • AK

    Aniket Khera, 13:25, Saturday 13th October 2018

    Thanks a lot for this!