Squash /  Introduction to clean hitting on the backhand side

How much does your own technique resemble what’s been shown here?

  • Not at all

  • It looks just like it

  • JC

    Julio Chamorro, 22:33, Thursday 18th April 2019

    Amazing video, I truly recommend it if you want to improve your backhand technique !!!

  • MG

    Mike Gahrns, 17:07, Monday 7th January 2019

    Yes, this was a great series. (Probably because I have a lot of the same issues as Paul!) I'd definitely like to see more of these where you concentrate amateur analysis, as it is very easy to relate to and see some of the same problems in your own game. Other playlists I really liked were the amateur game analysis and a bunch of Jesse Englebrecht's playlists where he covered common amateur faults.

  • KK

    kalyan kumar, 06:39, Wednesday 12th December 2018

    Hi Jethro, this is really useful for a beginner like me. Please could you do a similar series for forehand drive?

    • JB

      J Binns, 11:23, Wednesday 12th December 2018

      Hi Kaylan! The feedback has been positive so I think so. We'll get one scheduled :)