Squash /  Full series: Back corner coaching session with Jesse Engelbrecht

  • SM

    Sergio Monforte, 19:47, Wednesday 1st May 2019

    great lesson thanks, please add the same on the forehand, we want to learn how to dig on the forehand too

  • VK

    Varad Kulkarni, 20:42, Saturday 20th April 2019

    Wonderful video!

  • JC

    Julio Chamorro, 22:39, Thursday 18th April 2019

    Such a nice video to improve back corner !!!! It’s really helpful to see this coaching session and how Jesse gave technique tips... this will help me a lot !!!

  • LD

    Lawrence Dagenais, 02:44, Wednesday 17th April 2019

    I absolutely loved this video. So many great points but for me keeping the racquet head lower but still wrapped around and facing the back wall a bit longer on the deep dig shots has been a great help!

  • CW

    Colin White, 19:19, Thursday 11th April 2019

    Great, great playlist from Jesse (as always) and Emma. Would have been very interested (maybe it’s already planned) to see how you would put these into various modified games (to test), then match play, to see her awareness (Perception) and decision making for the overall skill of her learning. Keep up the great work Jesse, Jethro and the rest of the Squashskills team!

  • DH

    Dipak Hirani, 17:53, Wednesday 10th April 2019

    Great video as always for both playing and coaching - Looking forward to the forehand. Can you also focus on alternatives when playing a left-handed player?

  • MW

    Mark Wong, 05:08, Wednesday 10th April 2019

    This was absolutely amazing! Please do one for the forehand also :)

    • JE

      J Engelbrecht, 10:29, Wednesday 10th April 2019

      We are planning that one right now, watch this space

  • GS

    Greg Struthers, 10:44, Tuesday 9th April 2019

    Excellent video thanks Jesse and Emma. Learnt a lot. Jesse, how do you choke up your grip during the middle of a rally to effectively make the racket shorter? And when do you do it? Many thanks

    • JE

      J Engelbrecht, 10:34, Wednesday 10th April 2019

      Hi Greg, I find the choking up quite easy if you get your wrist cocked as early as possible. Simply this means you can just open your fingers slightly and then gravity does some of the work for you. Essentially the racket 'falls' a little and the choke up occurs from here. It is quite hard to explain without showing you live.

      In regard to when, this needs to happen with good levels of anticipation and awareness. As soon as I sense there is going to be a problem and the ball has got past me and dying I choke up as early as possible. This can range from doing it right on the T linked to the split-step and sometimes as late as when I'm about to lunge in and play the shot.

      Hope that helps and makes sense?

    • GS

      G Struthers, 15:26, Wednesday 10th April 2019

      Thanks very much Jesse. Very helpful and makes perfect sense thanks.

  • HD

    Henri de By, 21:51, Monday 8th April 2019

    Great series. Good break-down of the stages and possible problems, with lots of positive points to think through and practice on. Nice how this series fits in with the earlier one on footing towards the backhand corner. Excellent video-cutting between setting out the situation/approach, the work-out (with the talented Emma), and the analysis/solutions/conclusions. I really like the encouraging positive tone with which you approach and explain, which makes these coaching videos not only very useful but also a pleasure to watch. Excellent.

  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 17:05, Saturday 6th April 2019

    Brilliant! Thanks!!!

  • LR

    Li Rao, 16:57, Thursday 4th April 2019

    definitely one of the best videos I have seen so far! I will put into my training plan for sure. Thank you so much!

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 14:36, Thursday 4th April 2019

    This is an excellent series of coaching videos. Always struggled to get a decent return from a deep on the backhand. Just come back from a solo practice and spent some time hitting backhands from a self feed off the back wall. Whilst not as consistent as your student, I was hitting the ball cleaner and getting more lift and hitting higher on the front wall esp if the racket plane is more around the body which helps keeping the knuckles pointing up.

    How long would you spend per session to develop the technique in say a 30-45 min session?

    Definitely saved this video to my favourites list. Thanks again

    • JE

      J Engelbrecht, 10:54, Monday 8th April 2019

      Great to hear Craig, exciting when a few things click hey?

      I'd suggested focussing on it for as long as you feel engaged with it. I believe the right mindset when tackling something like this is more important that the amount of time doing it. Quality over quantity. I know that may seem a bit vague and fluffy but better to be engaged for 10-15 mins rather than just doing it randomly for 30 mins plus.