Squash /  Zero to Hero: Serve and return

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  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 14:30, Wednesday 4th September 2019

    Can you do a ghost session on return of serve for it to be effective if you haven't got a ball cannon or a training partner / coach? I tend to get caught out between two stools with a fast serve coming off the side wall either I try and get it early and miss or wait and its deep and I hit a poor return. I do occasionally get it right and hit a really nice deep return that clings to the wall. I just got to stop admiring it and clear the area ;-)

  • KP

    Kayden Patel, 21:37, Sunday 7th April 2019

    Thank you for a great video

  • DB

    Don Bicknell, 14:07, Monday 15th October 2018

    Great series of videos