Squash /  Using the back foot slide

  • OL

    Oliver Lu, 18:19, Wednesday 26th December 2018

    How about something for that combination foot stretch/reach/lunge and swing? (What do you even call that? It's when players kind of "throw themselves" towards a back corner to intercept and straighten a ball out before it gets by them.)

  • , 21:52, Friday 16th September 2016

    You should identify in some way the instructor in each video, even if just in the titles.

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 22:18, Sunday 4th September 2016

    your best work yet!!

  • DJ

    Daniel Julien, 03:03, Friday 17th June 2016

    This was great! Loving the foot clinics

  • , 07:14, Friday 10th June 2016

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Next week I'll be explaining some practices that allow you work on both the split step and the back foot slide in particular.

  • GH

    Guy Humphrey, 16:16, Wednesday 8th June 2016

    This might be the best series yet! Finally a true understanding of squash movement. I always felt that if you get the movement correct everything else will follow. Super series. Thank you!

  • JE

    Jim Egan, 05:44, Wednesday 8th June 2016

    Excellent exposition of the secret squash dance.

  • , 12:49, Tuesday 7th June 2016

    Thanks Carl. Glad you're enjoying them. Tricky stuff to get your head around but makes a huge difference when it becomes second nature.

  • CB

    Carl Burgess, 04:24, Tuesday 7th June 2016

    These movement fundamentals are fantastic. Hadn't thought about most of this stuff, and play almost every day.