Squash /  The basic forehand grip

How much does your own technique resemble what’s been shown here?

  • Not at all

  • It looks just like it

  • SA

    Su Aung, 12:28, Thursday 28th March 2019

    Second time watching this series. Love it! Thank you!

  • DL

    Dima Lepokhin, 19:11, Wednesday 28th March 2018

    +1 for the view from the top

  • DJ

    Daniel Julien, 21:15, Thursday 8th December 2016

    Great vid! I stumbled on this after Laura's recent video on how DP changed her grip position. I agree with the posts below, I'd love some further details on how open the face should be at rest.

  • HH

    Henry Huston, 01:36, Monday 21st November 2016

    Agree with others. A view of the top of the grip and a bit more detail about the how rotated the racket is in the grip, e.g. how "open" is the racket face when held in a neutral position. Otherwise these 3 minutes have changed 25 years of bad habits. Wow. Thank you!

    • SR

      S Rush, 03:23, Thursday 11th May 2017

      So True. Like Daniel above, I stumbled upon Laura's Grip Story and it inspired me to change. I always found it almost impossible to hit nicks on drops or three wall boasts from the back. This new grip and new racquet angle changed all that. As DP points out, I had the 'V' between my thumb and forefinger but the grip was too much in my palm. Amazing how much difference the correct grip makes. Thanks Dave.

  • SS

    Sam Sheehan, 09:19, Sunday 8th May 2016

    Agree with Paul - could we have a more detailed video or photos/article on the grip? As such a 'simple' but important part of the game. It is difficult to spot the slight nuances with a video. Thank you

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 20:58, Wednesday 30th March 2016

    would have been nice to have a top view of the grip.

    • SR

      S Rush, 03:18, Thursday 11th May 2017

      Agreed. Dave is looking down at his grip from above. We need the same perspective above his head so we see what he sees. A GO PRO perspective would do the trick!