Squash /  Origins - Solo practice with Jonah Barrington

  • IG

    ian graham, 10:31, Saturday 2nd May 2020

    Just fascinating to listen and excellent advice for all players

  • TJ

    Travis Judson, 22:39, Wednesday 25th March 2020

    Brilliant stuff Joey. Your father is certainly and legend and inspiration for many. Looking forward to future videos with the two of you. Cheers

  • MH

    Mike Hardwicke, 08:54, Wednesday 25th March 2020

    Much wisdom; and the passion speaks for itself.

  • HD

    Henri de By, 22:42, Tuesday 24th March 2020

    This is the best half hour you'll spent, in a sunny garden listening to great advice of a true legend of squash. The equal love and respect with which he speaks of both professionals and club/amateur players, shows why Jonah Barrington is one of the greatest squash players ever.

  • KF

    Kjartan Vibe Fersum, 21:42, Tuesday 24th March 2020

    Thanks for another great video with great content and simple advice but also highlights that there are no short cuts in squash as there is none in life either 🤗

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 16:57, Tuesday 24th March 2020

    This is brilliant! Such sage advice. Thanks to father and son for sharing.