Squash /  Full series - Understand the Egyptian style

  • SM

    Scott menta, 09:55, Sunday 25th February 2018

    Interesting series with a lot to think about. The question presented, how does the rest of the world compete with the Egyptians. I remember when i was playing juniors in the 80s and 90's it was the Pakistanis doing the exactly the same thing. My views, and these are my own personal views, is that there is too much emphasis placed on perfect squash, the perfect swing, the perfect length etc etc, i also feel that there are too many hot heads you could say, that think there way is the only way and the best. How can you build a culture and promote this fantastic game when you have so much power hungry one track minded old timers not allowing it to grow naturally, evolve, change. i feel in order to change culture we need to do away with the words perfect and correct. i have believed that there is know such thing as perfect technique my whole life playing squash. The Egyptians have got it right, they allow there players to play the way they want, to test the boundaries, go against the norm, they have put to bed the humble mans game of squash and brought it into the 21st century. We are not struggling to compete with them, we are falling behind because we have a outdated thought process. Let kids play the way the feel like playing and allow them to extend themselves. build the culture through evolving and promoting change, get to the grass roots and involve the little people who work for nothing in all areas to promote and build this great game. become one and get rid of this high horse mentality. Talent means nothing when you are on a court, attitude means everything. Make the game and the opportunities accessible to everyone not just the special few. so to beat Egypt, first we need to beat ourselves. By the way Squash skills you are doing a fantastic job, why? because you respect and promote all styles and coaching from all different coaches. this is what builds great culture and keeps the game evolving..

  • PM

    Paul Main, 15:42, Wednesday 22nd November 2017

    Fascinating playlist. DP touches on a couple of things which resonate particularly with me. First is the fearless nature i.e. they go for shots when they are there, it's not reckless though and whilst they make mistakes they are not afraid to go again and I think generally that's a cultural issue about fear of failure - difficult to address. Secondly is that before the flourish they are simply doing what everyone else is doing in the main i.e. creating the opening before attempting to finish the rally. The recent addition of the three Cs (Create, Capitalise and Convert in the lexicon of England Squash within their talent pathway is a step in the right direction in that regard. Whilst I don't dispute that Egypt will dominate for some time, the seeds are being sown now for that not to be inevitable in the longer term
    Great series