Squash /  Full Series - Sustainable Solo Practice With Nick Matthew

  • IG

    ian graham, 09:09, Saturday 3rd October 2020

    I watched this in 3 sessions and made notes!! I liked the progression of the routines and the teaching points (said the ex teacher). For me the nicest part of the video was the way Nick accepted the fact that every feed and shot etc was not perfect and gently chastised himself in an amusing manner. His honesty shone through and made the programme very watchable.
    Re another comment about ball colour, I always use a bouncy practice ball so I get a decent bounce but I am O70. I find my practices with younger players with the double yellow is not a problem because they hit so hard! Please comment if you think I'm on the wrong track with this.

  • AU

    Alexander Ugolini, 13:47, Thursday 1st October 2020

    Perfect. This is exactly what I need!

  • MP

    Mr Page, 13:05, Thursday 1st October 2020

    Really good link to ‘cold court conditions’. Many thanks 👍

  • MP

    Mr Page, 08:26, Thursday 1st October 2020

    Truly excellent series and a natural presenter! Just a quick question with courts getting cooler, any thoughts on using a single or even red dot ball when emphasising the short game?

    • SS

      S SquashSkills, 11:09, Thursday 1st October 2020

      Hi there, have you seen Lee Drew's playlist 'Playing in cold court conditions'?
      If not then you might find it useful, here's the link for you: https://squashskills.com/squash/-/playing-in-cold-court-conditions/full-series-playing-in-cold-court-conditions-3668/

  • MH

    Mike Hardwicke, 06:58, Wednesday 30th September 2020

    Excellent. Mr Mathew is a very articulate guy. (He's not bad at Squash too!).

  • PC

    Phil Colville, 19:28, Tuesday 29th September 2020

    wow! You are inside my head Nick. I am 65 but playing the best (quality) squash of my life. I am always looking to improve and I try to solo at least once a week; seeing this I thought ‘what’s new’? There are issues .. you addressed them, there are advantages .. you addressed them, there are mindsets .. you addressed them. It was like you got inside my solo sessions and said to me “ hey, Phil you can improve this by making this little tweak” – coming from a world champ and a hero of mine I listen and obey! I binged the whole set like a Netflix thriller. So pleased that you are doing this great stuff for squash - you have my utmost respect; more please!!!!
    P.S. If your squash career hadn’t worked out (as if!), you would have made a great classroom teacher!!

    • PC

      P Colville, 19:28, Tuesday 29th September 2020

      oh, forgot to say THANK YOU!