Squash /  Full series - Serving basics with Shaun Moxham Featuring Interactive Squash

  • DH

    Dipak Hirani, 16:02, Thursday 12th December 2019

    That was a great series Shaun. Would you give the same guidance to juniors or have slightly different hitting areas sue to their height/power?.

  • DS

    DAVIDE SABATINI, 19:07, Friday 22nd November 2019

    thy , very useful, the importance of serve in the squash is always understimated

  • CV

    Carles Venedors, 02:09, Wednesday 20th November 2019

    This is gold. Thanks Shaun! We went through this at practice today at SM. -Charlie

  • GG

    Garrett Gillespie, 23:35, Tuesday 19th November 2019

    This helped me form a strategy for serving

  • MC

    Malcolm Cameron, 15:47, Monday 11th November 2019

    Great use of interactive squash’s imaging of where the ball hits the front wall depending on what type of serve.