Squash /  Full Series - Serve Variations with Jethro Binns

  • JS

    Jehangir Surti, 11:39, Sunday 23rd August 2020

    Jethro it would be good if you could demonstrate how to receive a low fast serve which dips a foot or so behind the service box. With this sort of service the ball seldom comes of the back wall and it get really tricky playing the volley from below the waist. This service is often used by tall players who can manage this trajectory.

  • RS

    Russell Sleaper, 19:08, Friday 31st July 2020

    Good stuff. There were quite a few moments in the video where I'd have loved to have seen the impact of the serve on Roshan, and the follow-up shot from Jethro, from behind the players. i.e. camera pointing at the front wall.

    • FF

      F F, 00:19, Saturday 21st November 2020

      100% agree, Russell. That said, thanks for the video, Jethro.