Squash /  Full series - Nick Matthew's guide to volleying - part 2

  • AM

    Arnaud Malan, 13:09, Friday 11th October 2019

    Nick Matthew is to me a player who made it through to the top with more hard work, grit, and determination than some other players who depended more on talent, like say, Ramy Ashour. This, in my opinion, is what makes the best coaches, as they can teach you with a greater thoroughness the right way of doing something than another talented player who may not be able to put it entirely into words.

    Awesome series by one of my favourite players ever. Thanks SquashSkills!

  • JK

    Jason Kim, 22:48, Friday 26th July 2019

    Really awesome series. I thought part 1 was a good intro, and this part 2 is also great.

  • JR

    Jon Rodriguez, 18:12, Friday 28th June 2019

    Great video and explanation. Good job Nick. I put it into practice and I realized I made the opponent tired so much more and made my game so much more efficient.

  • MJ

    Martin Jones, 19:53, Sunday 23rd June 2019

    Very good video with lots of insights for all levels of the game. Would love to see some more from Nick...….

  • MV

    Muthu Venkataraman, 15:16, Wednesday 19th June 2019

    Awesome explanation Nick!!!

  • BH

    BENJAMIN HORNER, 16:36, Tuesday 18th June 2019

    As always, Nick's videos are so insightful and there is so much more to take from them than the subject at hand. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • IK

    IMRAN KHAN, 22:28, Monday 17th June 2019

    Great video! Thanks so much for the tips and guide.