Squash /  Full series - Hitting open space

  • AM

    Antonio Minondo, 23:14, Friday 4th May 2018

    Very practical, full of common sence. Enchanting.

  • LR

    Lucas Rosa, 08:45, Friday 27th April 2018

    Reckon you're my favourite coach, some moments just click :)

  • GP

    George Peppard, 00:56, Thursday 26th April 2018

    Words of wisdom from one of the great tacticians, thanks.

  • AD

    Andre du Plessis, 22:34, Wednesday 25th April 2018

    Imitating your style of play has made quite a difference to my game. Thanks Laura :)

  • NA

    Niki Aron, 16:07, Wednesday 25th April 2018

    Very interesting! Great tips and advise.

  • JG

    Jimmy Gannon, 22:17, Tuesday 24th April 2018

    Nice - Thanks Laura.