Squash /  Full series - Forehand technique session with Jethro Binns

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 14:44, Thursday 4th April 2019

    Oh boy SquashSkills you've unleashed my hidden power! The analogy of stone skimming and the thought of elbow leads, wrist, leads racket has me now hitting consecutive forehand drives fairly effortlessly which I struggled with for ages. Just a case now to keep practising and take it to the court and put my opponent in the back corner for a change! 💪🏻

  • HH

    Hanuman Hook, 23:15, Wednesday 27th March 2019

    The stone skimming analogy is AWESOME. I find tips like that invaluable. Can't wait to get on court tomorrow and put that into practice.

  • RC

    Ray Chessum, 15:28, Sunday 17th March 2019

    Really really good set of videos. Very helpful with my own game and coaching.

  • BH

    BENJAMIN HORNER, 16:37, Wednesday 13th March 2019

    Really great stuff! So much valuable teaching in this video and so much focus on details that even more advanced players can focus on. And Paul: GREAT JOB! Your forehand greatly improved through the video. Keep it up!

  • DH

    Daren Hernandez, 11:30, Sunday 10th March 2019

    Most excellent video. Like the elements of progression. The analysis of the Paul's swing. Like the +ve reinforcement and the reminders when Paul reverts to the old habits.

  • DH

    Dipak Hirani, 19:02, Thursday 7th March 2019

    Jethro Excellent video to learn from, both as a player and a coach. Paul well done for taking the time for this series - Like the blue SquashSkills T-Shirt -

  • IS

    Imran Saleh, 18:00, Wednesday 6th March 2019

    It's finally here! <3

  • IS

    Imran Saleh, 18:00, Wednesday 6th March 2019

    It's finally here! <3

  • RH

    Rob Holmes, 16:37, Wednesday 6th March 2019

    Yep! Great work Paul. Keep at it sir!

  • M

    Macalex101 , 21:55, Monday 4th March 2019

    Totally agree with Rob Holmes. Bang on point Jethro, and kudos to Paul for putting himself out there for everybody to learn from. Appreciate all that you have done here and on the backhand lesson.

  • RH

    Rob Holmes, 19:58, Monday 4th March 2019

    Absolutely fantastic video. Loved watching this and took away so many things from it. Would love to see more of these style videos for the other areas of the game. Jethro's teaching technique just works for me!