Squash /  Full Series - Floorboard Squash - With Luke Butterworth

  • DK

    David Krlic, 20:39, Wednesday 17th August 2022

    Great concept very well explained and demonstrated

  • JS

    Jehangir Surti, 13:39, Thursday 7th July 2022

    Beautifully explained and so so important for players at all levels

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 13:31, Thursday 7th July 2022

    Great series Luke. At 5:05 you mention "hitting the top corner" of the ball. Can you explain this a bit?

    • LB

      L Butterworth, 11:19, Friday 8th July 2022

      Great question! Generally from the mid court region the ball will be higher therefore getting your racket above the ball and hitting the top corner will allow you to hit down on the ball therefore keeping the ball lower after it has bounced. Important for it to be the middle-outside corner of the ball to avoid pushing the ball into the sidewall. Glad you enjoyed the playlist

  • PC

    Phil Colville, 13:11, Wednesday 29th June 2022

    this is excellent. So well explained both rationale and execution, and within the grasp of a wide range of abilities. Nice concept.