Squash /  Full series - Clean hitting on the backhand with Jethro Binns

  • IS

    Imran Saleh, 04:37, Monday 28th January 2019

    Will there be something like this for forehand? This is my favourite thing on this website so far.

    • JB

      J Binns, 08:39, Monday 28th January 2019

      Hi Imran, Yes there is a new series coming out in a few weeks time on the forehand. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • RO

    Richard Orton, 03:47, Thursday 10th January 2019

    Well done. This is the type of content I'm looking for.

  • FT

    F Thompson, 03:36, Saturday 29th December 2018

    I agree that this is the best series I have seen so far :)

  • VG

    Vinit Gupta, 05:46, Friday 28th December 2018

    Really good and this site needs more of this kind. It gives every detail you need as a beginner and my backhand now has a whole bunch of more power, Thanks.

  • FM

    Francisco Madureira, 16:45, Friday 21st December 2018

    Great session. Fantastic

  • JO

    Johannes Ohvo, 22:31, Wednesday 19th December 2018

    Love this! Think it’s the best series on the site. This is the kind of video I was looking for as the beginner I am. It lets you understand the parts making up the sum! More vids like this please!

  • HP

    Hubert Pittock-Ha'Penny, 00:26, Tuesday 18th December 2018

    I may have missed this but is there any/much forearm rotation through the shot?
    It looks like the wrist is cocked throughout the swing with a virtually static forearm, is this the case?

    • JB

      J Binns, 09:49, Wednesday 19th December 2018

      Hi Hubert, not really to be honest. As a rule, we want the racket face to be open and as soon as the forearm rotates, you'll see the racket face close up. Make sense?

    • HP

      H Pittock-Ha'Penny, 00:36, Thursday 20th December 2018

      Yep thanks

  • LR

    Luis Richi, 13:08, Monday 17th December 2018

    Really good series. I have learn a lot.

  • CK

    Colin Keels, 04:17, Monday 17th December 2018

    Very informative. The approach of breaking the swing down into segments allows you to maintain focus on all the key elements. Watching Paul on the court develope his swing from beginning to end was quite a transformation. I feel most amateur players have similar issues & watching the process unfold is as good as being on the court with you. Definitely would like to see more of this format.

  • LA

    Luciano Abdalla, 02:43, Monday 17th December 2018

    Excellent series.
    Looking forward to more like this.

  • DB

    Don Bicknell, 20:47, Sunday 16th December 2018

    very detailed

  • ML

    Matthew Lombardi, 19:01, Thursday 13th December 2018

    This was a helpful video, but I'm surprised there wasn't any attention paid to using the left arm for improved balance and power. From the first shot to the last, Paul's left arm just hangs there. It's the one part of his body that's inactive during the swing.

    • JB

      J Binns, 19:17, Thursday 13th December 2018

      Hi Matt, we did actually do a section on it towards the end but we couldn’t find it in the edit... was a little odd. Definitely a key element that needed to be addressed.

    • JB

      J Binns, 13:35, Thursday 20th December 2018

      We found the clip and have now slotted it in towards the end of the series...