Squash /  Full Film - Do you know who I am? Inside the mind of Malcolm Willstrop

  • A

    andystevenson , 09:12, Sunday 21st October 2018

    Truly excellent. Fascinating to listen to a great coach.

  • RB

    Ross Bell, 11:09, Tuesday 16th October 2018

    Great work guys.

  • AK

    Aniket Khera, 13:25, Saturday 13th October 2018

    Thanks a lot for this!

  • KB

    Kelly Byars, 09:35, Saturday 13th October 2018

    Very interesting and humorous. Great to know that our style of coaching is on the right track. Possibly could've come from Malcolm in the UK originally to the bottom of the world thru Paul Hornsby to New Zealand.

  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 22:03, Friday 12th October 2018

    Brillhant material guys!!! thanks a lot!!!

  • BH

    BENJAMIN HORNER, 14:41, Friday 12th October 2018

    Absolutely fascinating documentary. Malcolm Wilstrop, what a character! What a man! So much wisdom and so many great tips he drops here and there ("swing with the hip", "slow your game down"…). Thank you for sharing this, and thank you Malcolm for producing such great players and men, but mostly for your wisdom of speech and vision of what the World should be like and for making it a better place.

  • CJ

    Chris Jones, 23:36, Thursday 11th October 2018

    Fascinating documentary
    Any chance of a private link to the film to send to a director friend ? Interested to expand this to a wider audience..


    • JB

      J Binns, 13:06, Friday 12th October 2018

      Hi Chris, drop me an email at jethro@squashskills.com and we can pick up...

  • PM

    Paul Main, 12:18, Wednesday 10th October 2018

    Very interesting video, hopefully there will be others with the likes of Jesse, Danny Massaro, DPby way of contrast