Squash /  Following through to the target

  • GG

    German Grygorenko, 00:58, Thursday 20th October 2016

    I just realised that you need to think about follow through to the target just as you start the swing, and not when you get to the actual follow through. It confused me in the past when I heard "guide the ball with your follow through". If you try to follow through to the target after contact with the ball, nothing is going to change in the ball's direction, because it has already left your strings. But if you aim for the correct eventual follow through right away, as you prepare the swing, then by doing so you will be aligning your whole swing correctly in order to achieve this follow through at the end. And this aligned swing will send the ball where you want it to be.

    It's a little like drawing a long straight line through 2 dots with a ruler. If the dots are very close together, it's easy to get the angle of the line wrong. But if the dots are far apart, the angle of the line will be much more accurate. Similarly, if you only focus on your racket direction and angle up to the point of contact with the ball, it's easy to get the angle wrong. But if you swing past the ball to the point on the wall where you want the ball to go, it's easier to get the angle right.