Squash /  A Bronx Tale

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  • NN

    Neelandran Naidoo, 04:18, Tuesday 19th April 2022

    Amazing emotional purposes bless the families

  • JD

    Jack Denning, 00:39, Saturday 26th February 2022

    Excellent documentary. I appreciate hearing the voices of people who are dedicated to making a real positive difference.

  • AN

    abhi nair, 17:03, Sunday 5th July 2020

    Really well made documentary with great editing skills!
    Would love to see more programs like these, as well as documentaries on them.
    Well done Jethro!

  • AY

    Andrew Young, 13:05, Friday 3rd July 2020

    Really enjoyed watching this. Great to see squash appealing to a more diverse audience. Hopefully other similar initiatives will feature in future.

    Obesity is such a big problem in the UK and squash is cheap to play. I do not understand why the British government don't do more to promote squash within state schools.

  • IF

    Ian Fenner-Evans, 22:02, Monday 29th June 2020

    "Squash changes lives" - absolutely! Fantastic film with a wonderful message. Thank you.

  • RD

    Ron Darlington, 12:25, Monday 29th June 2020

    This has inspired me to continue my coaching with a slightly different attitude Thank you

  • IJ

    Isaac Jansen, 07:54, Sunday 28th June 2020

    It's really something I would like to try where I live in South Africa. Well done guys.

  • AA

    Ali Abbas, 17:58, Friday 12th June 2020

    Inspirational stuff.
    Keep it up 👍

  • KB

    Kelly Byars, 10:34, Friday 12th June 2020

    Awesome video. Would love to go over and see the programme in action. Makes you aware and appreciate of how valuable coaching is on all levels. Thanks for re-igniting the fire to get back coaching.

  • AB

    Alex Betts, 19:28, Thursday 11th June 2020

    Inspirational. We’re doing similarly good stuff in the UK with SquashSquared & Rackets Cubed but a lot more can be done

  • IG

    ian graham, 15:27, Thursday 11th June 2020

    Great programme and very inspiring.

  • MM

    Miles Montelius, 09:15, Wednesday 10th June 2020

    Hi Jethro -- Fantastic movie, fantastic programme, well done! Miles

    • JB

      J Binns, 15:25, Wednesday 10th June 2020

      Thanks Miles!