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Take advantage of our squash and fitness exercises and customise your own sessions to make the most of your time on court.

Session planning

  • Calendar


    Schedule practices, programmes and workouts across the year. Attach sessions, videos or articles to events, and share them with your friends. 

  • Squash session

    Squash session planner

    Create your own sessions from our library of routines, conditioned games and coach feeding, or choose from our pre-made Legend's sessions and schedule in your calendar.

  • Gary squat

    Fitness session planner

    Choose from numerous pre-made squash-specific fitness sessions or create your own from our library covering the 3 foundation elements in squash: speed, power and endurance.


  • Squash testing

    Squash testing tool

    Test your technique and monitor your improvements over time.

  • Fitness testing

    Fitness testing tool

    Assess your squash-specific fitness levels and gather data to target weaker areas.

  • nick matthew squash squashskills filming

    Compare yourself to the pros

    We've recorded the testing results from some of the worlds best players for you to compare yourself against. 

Video content 

  • Squash library

    Video libraries

    Featuring 1,400+ coaching, training and fitness videos for all levels with new playlists added each week and 500+ new videos a year straight from the world's best.

  • Customised playlists

    Customisable playlists

    Choose from playlists spanning all areas of the game, shot types, practice methods, skill levels and customise them to include your favourite videos.

  • Channels


    Subscribe to our brand new channels so you never miss a video from your favourite coach.

Other benefits

  • Squash Groups management


    Create groups, share insights and send messages to your training partners and friends, view and manage shared content and calendar event invites in one place.

  • Articles

    In depth articles

    Increase your knowledge of all things squash with articles on mental strategies in the lead up to a tournament, nutrition for optimal training and interviews with former world number ones.

  • Squash testing on your phone

    Device responsive platform

    Access the site and tools anytime, anywhere and from any device to manage your team remotely during both in and off seasons.

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  • Coaching for all levels
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What our members say

  • Squash player, Owen Rodwell

    I just wanted to say how great the site is! I've been playing and coaching for a long time and the site has made me a better player and coach since I've been subscribed. It's given me a better range of drills to do with my students and a better understanding of technique.

    Owen Rodwell, Toronto, Canada

  • Squash Player, Ashley buckle

    The site is simply brilliant! I use it several times a week and it's helped me improve my squash and fitness a great deal. Please keep up the great work!

    Ashley Buckle, Melbourne, Australia

  • Squash player, Brian Phillips

    Since using your site I have moved up 5 mini-leagues!

    Brian Phillips, England, UK

  • Squash player, Leo Chester

    I don't think I've ever had such a clear understanding of what I need to do now to improve my game - its also given me fresh, simple ideas about what to do for my physical training!

    Leo Chester, Vancouver, Canada