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Are you looking for increased personalisation to help achieve your fitness goals? Explore our exclusive 1-to-1 training packages tailored specifically to your conditioning needs! 

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- The training package starts with a 30min initial Skype consultation with Gary to chat through and ascertain background, goals, targets etc.

- You'll then complete a basic fitness testing battery, and forward your results through for analysis.

- Your personalised 6-week programme will be put together based on your consultation/test scores and uploaded to the site via a special private group section though which you'll communicate with Gary.

- Depending on the package selected, Gary will be on hand to guide you through the programme with optional weekly Skype updates, and programme modifications (platinum package only)

- Your training programme will finish with a final 30min Skype review with Gary, where future training plans can also be discussed.

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  • £69


    30 minute initial Skype consultation. 

    6 week personally tailored fitness & mobility programme, built from consultation & review of fitness test results.

    30 minute Skype post debrief.

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  • £139


    30 minute initial Skype consultation.

    6 week personally tailored fitness & mobility programme, built from consultation & review of fitness test results.

    Weekly Skype reviews.

    Ongoing programme adjustments from discussion & feedback.

    30 minute Skype post debrief.

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gary fitness squash program personal training

Gary is our onsite fitness guru and is recognised as one of the leading experts in squash-specific fitness. 

Over the past 12 years Gary has worked with numerous professional athletes from a wide variety of sports, including footballers, tennis players, and MMA fighters. Gary's passion remains squash however, and this is where he specialises.

Having initially worked for a number of years in various high-end private gyms & health clubs, Gary went on to spend several years as a Physical Training Instructor for the Metropolitan Police, before moving on to set up his own Fitness and Sports Conditioning consultancy service - Unique Fitness Solutions.

Outside of his role as SquashSkills Fitness & Conditioning Director, Gary provides strength & conditioning, sports therapy, and nutritional guidance for a number of top class professional Squash players, whilst also continuing to work part-time within several other sports including football, where he's worked in sports science roles for several professional clubs including Fulham FC and Wycombe Wanderers FC.

A graduate from UEL with a First Class Honors Degree in Exercise Science, and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Gary is also an active Level 3 England Squash Coach. Away from his coaching and training duties, Gary still competes occasionally on the PSA and BSPA tournament circuit.

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  • Adrian waller psa player testimonial

    Gary is a highly knowledgeable person, from supplements and nutrition through to fitness and strength programmes. Gary has helped me greatly on the plyometric element of my training, and also the nutritional side which is essential to any professional athlete.

    Gary always gives you thorough reasons and explanations in answer to any questions you have, be it on parts of your training programme or the physical stresses that you encounter when training and competing. Gary will give you his honest opinion on any training aspect to help you achieve your goals, this helped me to cut out a lot of unnecessary time wasting exercises and focus me on what I wanted to achieve! 

    ​Gary is also great to be around, he is enthusiastic, motivating and sees the funny side of matters.

    Adrian Waller (PSA Ranking 33)

  • Ben coleman psa player testimonial

    Gary has helped me significantly to achieve where I am today as a squash professional. I have worked closely at times with Gary, and he has helped me massively within the areas of SAQ, Strength and Conditioning, and general fitness and has been able to excellently relate them all to my sport and make them as specific as possible.

    ​Gary is generally a great guy to work with in many ways, and I guarantee that he could take any athlete or general gym member, listen to their needs, and fulfil them to the maximum. 

    Ben Coleman (PSA Ranking 55)

  • richie fallows psa player testimonial

    Gary has provided me with a lot of help and support in my transition from junior to senior squash, and has been a great help in allowing me to improve in all areas of strength and fitness.

    Richie Fallows (PSA Ranking 77)

  • Maqbool psa player testimonial

    I first began working with Gary back in 2004, when I first came over from Dubai for a 6-week training program at Connaught Squash Club in Chingford.

    Gary carried out a number of fitness tests with me including the Bleep Test, and various other Strength & Agility tests etc, and based on the results he designed my program which has helped me immensely over the years.

    ​We have kept in touch since, and his professional advice has helped me tremendously to stay fit and be able to perform at a high level in one of the most strenuous of sports. Now that I am back in the UK, I am really looking forward to working with him once again.

    Khawaja Adil Maqbool (PSA Ranking 103)

  • Ondrej Uherka (World number 154, top 5 Czech Republic)

    I have enjoyed and benefited from Gary’s squash-specific fitness sessions. The sessions are designed using the latest scientific research to meet the demands of the specific type of training, and are formed dependent on the time of the season.

    ​Gary is very knowledgeable and makes sure to explain in an easy and comprehensive way the principles behind each exercise.

    It is a pleasure to discuss the latest trends in fitness with him. He is always happy to offer advice and help. His sessions are inclusive, motivational and fun. For anyone looking to improve their squash specific fitness or anyone wanting to improve their fitness backed up by scientific principles, Gary is the guy to go to.

    Ondrej Uherka (World number 154, top 5 Czech Republic)

  • Laurence Green (World Number 286, Former England Junior...

    Gary has helped me to improve many aspects of my game. He is always easy to approach and happy to help me with any questions I may have about nutrition or training.

    ​Being a University student, I have found Gary particularly helpful because he keeps up to date with the latest research, which enables him to cut any potentially time-wasting training methods out of my programme. This enables me to fit training sessions in around my studies and continue to compete on the PSA tour.

    Laurence Green (World Number 286, Former England Junior International)

  • Alex Noakes (World Number 155, Ex-World Junior Number 9)

    I couldn't recommend Gary highly enough to anyone looking to improve their physicality. I've worked with him closely this past year and I've really enjoyed the results.

    He's helped me in all areas from cardiovascular fitness, strength and speed, to flexibility and nutrition. He's a true student of his field, always learning and improving and up to date with the latest scientific learnings of both nutrition and all different types of training.

    ​He's genuinely interested in getting the best out of you and helping you to improve; it helps that he's just a really good bloke too!

    Alex Noakes (World Number 155, Ex-World Junior Number 9)

  • Tiago Goriely (World Number 324, Belgium Number 3)

    I just spent a few months here in England and Gary really helped me improve my game. He is also a good squash player, therefore everything he does is very specific to the game.

    ​It's always easy to get stronger but it's another thing to be able to use it during a real game situation, and Gary is really helping me to add my new abilities into my game.

    Tiago Goriely (World Number 324, Belgium Number 3)

  • Joe Green (World Number 106)

    I have known Gary for many years through Squash, for the last year he has been working with me at least three times a week and already I have noticed significant improvements in my physicality. He has guided me through strength, speed, power and plyometric sessions making every session specific for my squash.

    ​Over the years Gary has also given me some valuable advice on nutrition, supplements and training. His support and guidance has given me the confidence to play at my current level. 

    Joe Green (World Number 106)

  • Rui Soares (World Number 150, Portugese National Champion)

    I've been working with Gary for the past 2 years, since I moved to England. During this period he has been very helpful, passing his knowledge about plyometrics, Speed, Agility and other very important areas such as Strength and Nutrition. It has been a pleasure to learn from him over this years and I look forward to keeping up the work with him

    Rui Soares (World Number 150, Portugese National Champion)

  • Arthur Moineau (Former French National Junior Champion)

    I unfortunately had to retire from the professional circuit due to too many injuries, and recently a bad hip issue. Gary has helped me to rebuild my strength and speed, and I'm now able to play again without too much pain. He has taught me a lot on court as well as off court. He has a lot of experience and knows what he's talking about, I would highly recommend working with him.

    Arthur Moineau (Former French National Junior Champion)