Fitness /  New Year Programme Session 1: Week 4

    • Description:

      The Racket Touch Drill is a great exercise for developing squash-specific speed on court. Sets are kept short and sharp, with an extended rest period to allow sufficient recovery time to ensure each rep is performed at max pace with max quality.

    • Exercise Notes:Complete 4 sets of 4 reps at the back of the court, and 4 sets at the front. Take 1min between each set.

    • Minutes on exercise:9:00

    • Description:

      The speed square is a great simple speed/agility drill that trains the multi-directional movements and sharp changes of direction that so characterise the game of squash

    • Exercise Notes:Complete 4 sets of 20 seconds, taking 2 mins rest between each and switching between clockwise and anti-clockwise

    • Minutes on exercise:8:00