Fitness /  Foundation Speed/Agility Session 3 (15mins)

    • Description:

      -Begin with 5-10min light cardio/mobility warm-up
      -Concentrate on speed of feet and sharp turns, while staying fluid and relaxed

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 4 sets of 3 circuits of the square - alternate direction of travel on each set. Take 1min rest between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:6:00

    • Description:

      Work at maximum pace on each set, making the turns as sharp and explosive as possible.

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 3 sets of 6 court sprints. Take 1min rest between sets.

    • Minutes on exercise:4:00

    • Description:

      Take a few seconds between each rep to recover, aiming to make each sprint as rapid as possible

    • Exercise Notes:4 sets of 4 reps, with 1min rest between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:5:00