Fitness /  Lateral Movement Development Session 2 (35mins)

    • Description:

      -Complete a thorough warm-up/mobilisation routine before you begin
      -Focus on rapid, light touches to the floor, keeping the feet turning over as quickly as possible

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 3 sets of 6 lengths of the ladder, with 1min rest between each set

    • Minutes on exercise:5:00

    • Description:

      Stay light on the feet and facing the front wall up until the turn and lunge. Don't rise up too high and 'skip' in the action - make it more of a shuffle/slide, where one foot is always in contact with the floor.

    • Exercise Notes:Work in sets of 8 widths of the court. Rest for 2mins between each, and complete 4 total sets.

    • Minutes on exercise:12:00

    • Description:

      Make the jumps a real 'bounce' action, where as soon as you hit the floor you're rebounding straight up into the next rep. Use rackets as your markers if you don't have hurdles available.

    • Exercise Notes:Work 3 times through the 5 hurdle hops, jogging back to the start between each effort. Work for 3 total sets, resting for 2mins between each.

    • Minutes on exercise:8:00

    • Description:

      Stay light on your feet on the jumps, trying to transition straight into the lateral movement at the instant you land. If you don't have hurdles available, you can just use rackets as your markers

    • Exercise Notes:Work through the 4 hops/shuffles 4 times per set, with a light jog back to the start in-between. Complete 3 total sets, with 2mins rest between each.

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00