Fitness /  Full-Court Speed Ghosting Session 1 (10mins+)

    • Description:

      As with all ghosting workouts, make the movements realistic and visualise a rally as you work. Concentrate here though on making the reps as fast as you possibly can, using the 1min rest to fully recover and allowing you to maintain max effort

    • Exercise Notes:Work through the 8 x 10 shot bursts according to the parameters outlined below

    • Minutes on exercise:0:00

    • Description:

      The focus is on ghosting the 10 shots as quickly as possible, working a random sequence to all parts of the court. Make sure to move back to the T and pause briefly between each rep, to maintain a realistic movement pattern

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 10 shots at 100% pace, then rest for 60 secs. Complete 8 sets then rest for 2mins before repeating for a total of 1 to 3 sets, according to your level of fitness

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00