Fitness /  Balance/Stability Session 3 (15mins)

    • Description:

      -Complete a thorough warm-up/mobilisation routine before you begin
      -Gradually increase the size of your step on each lunge, feeling a gentle extension through the groin/front hip area

    • Exercise Notes:Complete 4 lengths of the court using the technique described in the video

    • Minutes on exercise:2:00

    • Description:

      Work on holding a strong and stable lunge position as you go into the twist, developing the ability to maintain a solid base while you rotate into your shot (such as in a backhand drive)

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 20 reps (alternating legs), then have a light jog to the front of the court and back before repeating for a second set of 20 reps

    • Minutes on exercise:3:00

    • Description:

      Focus on simulating the movements you would make in a match while you work through the matrix - think about the lunges into the front corners, the lateral lunges across the middle of the court, the step to the back of the service box etc

    • Exercise Notes:Work through the 20 reps of the exercise as outlined in the video. Rest for 1min, and repeat for 3 total sets - add a 10-15kg sandbag/barbell to increase the difficulty as necessary

    • Minutes on exercise:6:00

    • Description:

      Start by just working through 2 lengths of the court on the first two basic lunge and lunge & rotate variations of the exercise, adding in the reverse lunge and reverse & twist movements as you gain experience and develop your strength and

    • Exercise Notes:Build up to be able to work through 2 lengths of the court for each of the 4 variations outlined in the video

    • Minutes on exercise:4:00