Fitness /  Intermediate Speed/Agility Session 4 (30mins)

    • Description:

      -Complete a thorough warm-up/mobilisation routine before you begin
      -Focus on making the sprints as fast and explosive as possible - the raw speed of the movement is more important than the actual footwork for this drill

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 5 sets of 4 touches in the back corners, taking 1min between sets. Rest for 2mins, and then complete a further 5 sets into the front corners.

    • Minutes on exercise:12:00

    • Description:

      Visualise how you would move from corner to corner in a typical rally as you complete the drill. You can also use rackets as markers, as in the Racket Touch Drill.

    • Exercise Notes:Complete 4 sets of the 4 sprints, with 2min rest between each set.

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      Make the ghosts as rapid as possible throughout each set, maintaining good footwork but focusing predominantly on the raw speed of the movement

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 6 total┬ásets of 8 ghosts, alternating between short-long and long-short. Take 1min break between each set.

    • Minutes on exercise:7:00