Fitness /  Foundation Multi-Element Session 1 (30mins)

    • Description:

      -Begin with 5-10min light cardio/mobility warm-up
      -Target keeping the lengths below 60secs, and the widths below 48secs. Try and keep a steady rhythm with your steps, keeping your movement smooth and efficient.

    • Exercise Notes:Complete the 20 sprint and 20 lateral sets with 1 min rest between, and repeat for 2 sets of each (4 total sets)

    • Minutes on exercise:18:00

    • Description:

      Work at max intensity, focusing on controlled lunges and powerful movements to and from the ball.

    • Exercise Notes:Work with 6 balls, performing 1 set working into each corner of the court for 4 sets in total. Take 2mins rest between each.

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      Make the ghosting movements as short and sharp as possible, thinking more about the absolute speed of each rep as opposed to too much focus on 'correct' footwork and technique.

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 10 sets of 6 reps, with 20secs rest between each.

    • Minutes on exercise:5:00