Fitness /  Full-Court Endurance Ghosting Session 2 (10mins+)

    • Description:

      As with all ghosting workouts, make the movements realistic and visualise a rally as you move. Concentrate here though on making every set as steady and consistent as you can, resting 1min between each to maintain an approx 1:1 work:rest ratio

    • Exercise Notes:Work through the 10 x 20 shot bursts according to the parameters outlined below

    • Minutes on exercise:0:00

    • Description:

      The focus is on ghosting the 20 shots steady and rhythmically, working a random sequence to all parts of the court. Make sure to move back to the T and pause briefly between each rep, to maintain a realistic movement pattern

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 20 shots at a steady, sustainable pace, then rest for 60 secs. Complete 10 sets then rest for 2mins before repeating for a total of 1 to 3 sets, according to your level of fitness

    • Minutes on exercise:20:00