Fitness /  Pairs Speed/Agility Session 1 (30mins)

    • Description:

      As the leader, push the pace and add in multiple changes of direction to get the mirrorer working hard to keep up. Don't let them get too far behind however - on occasion take time to pause briefly in the middle to allow them to catch up

    • Exercise Notes:Set a timer to work in sets of 20secs, with one partner leading and the other mirroring. Rest for 1min, then switch positions. Complete 3 sets in each position, for 6 total sets of work

    • Minutes on exercise:9:00

    • Description:

      Make the movements away from the T as reactive and explosive as possible, focusing on powerful acceleration and stability in the lunge

    • Exercise Notes:Complete the ball pick-ups with one partner pointing and one working, before resetting the balls and switching positioning. Rest 1min once both partners have worked, and complete 5 total sets each

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      Aim to react immediately to the call, powerfully switching direction and accelerating away

    • Exercise Notes:Work in sets of 20secs with one partner calling and the other working, then switching positions. Rest for 1min once both partners have done their set, and complete 3 sets each in total

    • Minutes on exercise:5:00