Fitness /  Front Court Speed Session 3 (20mins)

    • Description:

      -Complete a thorough warm-up/mobilisation routine before you begin
      -Focus on quality of movement and footwork, rather than just flat out speed

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 6 sets of 8 movements, but working only into the front two corners (3 sets working short then long, and 3 sets working long then short). Rest 90secs between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:11:00

    • Description:

      Set 1 work into the front corners in the pattern of Forehand-Backhand-Forehand-Backhand, set 2 work BH-FH-BH-FH, set 3 FH-FH-BH-BH, set 4 BH-BH-FH-FH, set 5 FH-FH-FH-BH, & set 6 BH-BH-BH-FH. Work at the fastest pace possible.

    • Exercise Notes:Work through 6 sets of the 4 reps, working into the front corners only. Rest for 90secs between each set.

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00