Fitness /  Balance/Stability Session 4 (25mins)

    • Description:

      -Begin with 5-10min light cardio/mobility warm-up
      -Drive powerfully into each lunge, then hold completely still at the bottom of the movement for a second or two before stepping into the next rep

    • Exercise Notes:2 lengths of the court for each of the 4 lunge walk variations -1min rest between each 2 length set

    • Minutes on exercise:8:00

    • Description:

      Ensure a brief moment of stillness as you stabilise on each pick-up, while trying to avoid allowing your momentum to effect your lunge position

    • Exercise Notes:3 sets of 6 pick-up reps -2min rest between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:7:00

    • Description:Keep torso upright and stable throughout movement, and try and get the back knee down as low to the ground as possible

    • Exercise Notes:2 sets of 12 reps (each leg) -1 min rest between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:6:00

    • Description:Maintain slight bend in knee of standing leg, keeping a 'T' shape with the head and raised leg

    • Exercise Notes:2 sets of 30secs (each leg) -1min rest between sets

    • Minutes on exercise:4:00