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  • Circuits are great for developing squash-specific fitness, whether working with a group or on your own. This programme is based entirely on our SquashSkills circuit library, to help enhance conditioning across a whole range of physical attributes

  • Develop squash-specific conditioning across a range of attributes, with this challenging 1 day on/1 day off training programme designed for those already with a good base of fitness. Sessions can be switched round if necessary

  • Strength provides a very important base for your squash-specific conditioning, and is a crucial element for an athlete looking to maximise their physical performance. This intermediate level programme will help take your strength to the next level

  • Bike sprints are a great conditioning tool, providing a tough workout that ideally replicates the repeat-sprint nature of squash.This programme offers a progressive 4-week plan to follow, to help you bring bike-sprint sessions into your training

  • Aiming to build up your endurance to optimise your on-court performance? This programme will take you through a variety of sessions and circuits to really boost your squash-specific stamina

  • Need to develop your squash-specific endurance? This beginner programme is designed to develop your stamina using a variety of court sprints, ghosting, and body weight resistance exercises.

  • Aiming to develop those vital muscles of the core region? Use our SquashSkills Beginner Core Programme to optimise your core strength through a series of exercises targeted at the abdominal and lower back region

  • Strength is the foundation of all other athletic qualities. This beginners programme will help guide you through some of the best exercises to help start you off in building that crucial strength base.

  • Develop your squash-specific foot speed and coordination, with a range of on-court ladder and footwork drills. Ideal for those not naturally fleet of foot, who are aiming to quicken their step and sharpen their movement

  • Squash-specific conditioning for the gym, ideal to add in as supplement to your standard on-court training. Sessions can be either dropped, doubled up on, or rearranged within a weekly plan where necessary, to suit preference as regards machine used

  • Take your core training to the next level with this programme, using a variety of sessions and programmes to help optimise your core strength and enhance your on-court performance

  • Commit to 1 month of just 15mins mobility work every other day and see the difference the programme can make to not just your squash, but to your overall freedom of movement and general sense of well-being. Sessions can be done at home or on court

  • 'Repeat-sprint', the ability to sustain multiple high intensity efforts, is a key part of the squash player's overall conditioning. This programme offers a progressive 4-week plan to follow to help develop and optimise this essential physical asset

  • A great squash-specific conditioning programme for those pushed for time. Each drill is a max of 10mins, perfect to 'bolt-on' at the end of your usual sessions. If you want to do more than 2 bolt-ons in a week, just cycle back and repeat the sessions

  • Build endurance, increase strength, boost power, improve movement, and get a jump on your opponents with our 6-week summer off-season training programme

  • Need help with your squash-specific balance and stability? Use the exercises in our Beginner Balance/Stability Programme to really develop your ability to maintain a strong body position in all of your on-court movements

  • Work on your on-court speed with a series of drills based upon squash-specific movements, designed to quicken your feet and sharpen your reactions

  • Improve your all-round squash conditioning with twice weekly ~20min sessions covering the main fitness attributes of endurance, strength, power, and speed.

  • A good base of power allows for explosive movement and dynamic acceleration. This programme is perfect for the player already with a good foundation of athleticism, looking to take their squash-specific power to the next level..

  • Aiming to take your balance and stability to the next level? This programme will provide you the tools to help enhance your ability to move onto and hold a strong, stable position through your shots

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