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  • GL

    Guido Le Lorrain, 16:49, Thursday 21st February 2019

    Just a suggestion to the video which I'm not a fan of. You need to determine what you are trying to achieve, endurance, speed or strength and power. I would suggest 2 types of sessions interval based:

    1) Speed / Endurance - Work out your max resistances (so you can hardly turn the pedal around), half the value and add 2. With this resistance do 2 mins at 100 RPM then rest 1 min and repeat. See how many sessions you can do, the better your endurance the more you should be able to achieve.

    2) Strength - Work out max (as above) values of half and 3/4s. Your sessions will be 2-5 mins at 3/4s then 2 mins at half max resistance, repeat. With the resistance so high I would expect you out of the saddle.

    As you get better you can increase the starting off values.

  • MS

    Martin Scheel, 12:24, Thursday 15th February 2018

    Ive tried this and it is really good.You would think 2 mins. Recoup.would be enough but its just right.I couldn't manage the 130rpm as recommended only 122.