Fitness /  Court sprints

Do you use this exercise as part of your regular training?

  • Not at all

  • Every session

  • PK

    Pradeep Kumar Nair, 17:59, Friday 11th May 2018

    Gary, what should i count as 1 court sprint, is it one length of the court or it includes the return?

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 13:51, Monday 29th May 2017

    I have just started doing 5 mins - aim for 100 but as Gary says keep the form.

  • ST

    Stuart Taylor, 06:00, Sunday 5th March 2017

    How many would one normally do in a session? and how many sessions? eg 8 x 2 minutes?

  • AL

    Andrik Lim, 09:48, Monday 27th February 2017

    Noted on how to do court sprints