Fitness /  General ghosting

Do you use this exercise as part of your regular training?

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  • Every session

  • KA

    Kasun Abeysekera, 17:00, Sunday 22nd March 2020

    This comes under small space indoor exercises. How can I find proper indoor small space sessions?

  • JV

    Jeannot van Diem, 22:17, Sunday 14th May 2017

    Super Nice but still of you ghost do it right of the ball hits the front wall focus on your goal to see with influence your ball will have on your opponent. So you can adjust your court position. More to the back of the T front of the T or closer to the the side of the T. Keep the drills as close as possible to the optimal movement on court. Don't facilitate wrong movements.

  • RN

    René Nüssli, 15:44, Sunday 3rd April 2016

    Hi Gary I use halved Squas balls in the places where I want to hit the ball. So I can also focus on when I hit the ball. 4 on each site.