Fitness /  On-court dynamic warm-up

  • AF

    Adam Friswell, 03:19, Monday 19th August 2019

    This all sounds great but what would you suggest to do if it’s a busy night at the squash club and only have the one court session booked to play a match and so don’t really have time to do this and fit the match in as well (in 45 mins)? Not much area to warm up at the club either, could go outside but if in winter only have corridors and changing rooms as spare space. Would it be sufficient to do this warm up at home before? (Only 15 min drive to club) Thanks for the help!

  • RH

    Rob Holmes, 13:36, Thursday 30th May 2019

    Like everyone else it would be handy if these programs had a PDF I could print out? can anyone look at implementing this please?

  • MS

    Michael Saunders, 19:47, Monday 4th September 2017

    Is there a PDF? Is so where can o find it?

  • JP

    Jane Parker, 14:06, Friday 7th April 2017

    Me too

  • AS

    Alex Strachan, 11:59, Monday 13th March 2017

    I like the PDF suggestion.

  • TL

    Tim Levart, 16:51, Sunday 1st January 2017

    Would be helpful to have a PDF detailing the sections and exercises. Thanks.