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  • PB

    Peter Belden, 18:36, Wednesday 25th March 2020

    Just did this yesterday for the first time with my two kids ages 11 and 14. They found the 20 second segments too short and easy (except for the press ups). We tried 40 and then 45 seconds and ultimately did 4 sets. Should we be concerned that because these are power exercises that 40-45 seconds is too long and too many reps? The 5/30/19 video on power through pressure suggests that power exercises only be done with a small number of reps. SquashSkills is such a great resource, particularly in these difficult times when we are all stuck at home. Would welcome any skipping focused videos as well as the boys have recently started skipping, or as we call it in the US, jumping rope.

  • RS

    Reonel Saddul, 17:32, Thursday 22nd February 2018

    Love this!