Fitness /  Fitness test: YoYo test (aerobic endurance)

  • GN

    Gary Nisbet, 15:08, Friday 29th January 2016

    Apologies everyone, having a few issues with embedding the download link. In the meantime, you can use the following:

    • GN

      G Nisbet, 15:14, Friday 29th January 2016

      That android link appears to have changed unfortunately, and no longer offers the YoYo Test. There is another copy of the test here that can be used instead:
      Count each completed level as 40m to give your overall distance score.

  • GL

    Glenn Lazarus, 20:32, Sunday 17th January 2016

    Hi. Wherd can I find the audio trac for yoyo test

  • R

    Rolland , 02:03, Monday 21st December 2015

    how do I download the yo-yo test? I use Windows 10.