Fitness /  Fitness test: Bleep test (aerobic endurance)

  • CT

    Clifford Tay Ye Jie, 09:45, Tuesday 13th February 2018

    Can i do this as part of training and does it help to improve endurance?

  • RF

    Ross Ford, 14:59, Tuesday 9th January 2018

    For Windows Phone users I bought this app which does the job perfectly! This can also record Group Bleep test results

  • ET

    Erik Tiltmann, 22:11, Friday 21st October 2016

    Do all 3 tests on the same day or different days? Obviously harder if you do them on the same day. If we do them on the same day, what's the suggested rest time between tests?

  • GN

    Gary Nisbet, 15:09, Friday 29th January 2016

    Apologies everyone, having a few issues with embedding the download link. In the meantime, you can use the following: