Fitness /  Fitness test: 10 court sprint test (speed/agility)

  • JH

    Jacek Hibner, 16:41, Tuesday 4th December 2018

    So it seems to be 10 lengths of the court, or 5 times one way and back. Right? Providing TOP scores of PSA players would be challenging :-)

  • DA

    Deepak Agrawal, 14:56, Sunday 1st January 2017

    Does it mean 5 front wall touch and 5 back wall touch?

  • P

    Prasad , 22:37, Monday 3rd October 2016

    How can we edit the data you entered? Please show what are professional performance timings? For instance how fast does the professionals run the 10 court sprint?

  • RB

    Russell Bishop, 14:14, Saturday 19th March 2016

    @Andrew (each wall touch is 1 rep)

  • AC

    Andrew Chvatal, 08:51, Tuesday 2nd February 2016

    Is the test 10 court lengths or 10 returns (i.e. 20 lengths)?