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Looking to amend your account? Change subscription plan or update your card details?

Please follow these steps if you'd like to edit your subscription plan or update your card details: 

Hover over the left menu and click on 'My account' near the bottom. 

Once on your account page you'll see two blue buttons at the top of the screen. If you wish to edit your subscription plan please click the ‘Payment plan’ button, if you wish to update your card information please click on the ‘Payment details’ button.

1. If you’d like to update your card details please enter the new information and click ‘Update details’. Your card details will now be updated. 


1. If you’d like to change your subscription plan please select the appropriate option from the table (If you wish to cancel please select the 'Free' option). 

2. To confirm and save the changes in your account you'll need to tick the small box, and click 'Update account’. Your subscription plan will now change. 

It's very important to click the ‘Update account’ button in order to save any the changes that you'd like to make before exiting.

Once updated the system will automatically change your plan for you. You can double check that the changes have saved correctly by logging out of your account, logging back in, and visiting the 'My account' page.

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